Copernicus REDD+ Service Component officially mentioned by European Commission

The European Commission officially adopted on 23 July 2019 a comprehensive Communication on a new framework for protecting and restoring the world’s forests titled “Stepping up EU Action to Protect and Restore the World’s Forests“.

The Communication, which has a two-fold objective of protecting and improving the health of existing forests, especially primary forests, and significantly increasing sustainable, biodiverse forest coverage worldwide (EC Press Release 23 July 2019).

The Communication explicitly mentions – as one of the 15 key actions that are listed in the factsheet – to “Explore the feasibility of developing a Copernicus REDD+ service component to strengthen the existing global or national forest-monitoring systems, as well as to establish long-term European capacity and leadership in this domain.” This key action that falls under priority 5 (“Support better availability and quality of information on forests and supply chains”) is being implemented through the REDDCopernicus Project.

REDDCopernicus is thus a key element in the EU’s objectives to protect existing forests, to manage forests sustainably and to restore forests in a sustainable and responsible way.

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