Project Reports and Deliverables

Initial Design of the Copernicus REDD+ Service Component (pdf, 1464KB)

Compendium of Research and Development Needs for Implementation of European Sustainable Forest Management Copernicus Capacity; Version 2 (pdf, 2024KB)

Compendium of R&D Needs for the Evolution of the Copernicus Space Component; Version 2 (pdf, 2628KB)

Strategy Document for Coordination with International Agencies and Programmes Version 2 (pdf, 3650KB)

COP26 - EU Side Event: EO for Climate Action, Mitigation, REDD+, and the Global Stocktake

Session Slides

Mitigation, REDD+, and the Global Stocktake

REDDCopernicus Regional Online Workshops Learning Exercises Presentations



Session 1 - Analysis Ready Satellite Data (Sentinel-2)

by A. Langner JRC

Session 1 - Tree Cover Density and Forest Type Products based on Sentinel-2 Data

by P. Navratil, N. Langner, S. Gomez, T. Häusler GAF AG

Workshop Information

Workshop Information - SADC Region (pdf, 392KB)

Workshop Information - Southeast Asia (pdf, 551KB)

Workshop Information - East Africa (pdf, 546KB)

Workshop Information - Brazil (pdf, 409KB)

Workshop Information - Central Africa - French (pdf, 567KB)

Workshop Information - Central Africa - English (pdf, 555KB)

Workshop Information - Europe (pdf, 183KB)

Information and Promotional Material

REDDCopernicus Brochure (pdf, 1971KB)

REDDCopernicus Project Leaflet (pdf, 509KB)

REDDCopernicus Communication Package Donors (pdf, 512KB)


REDDCopernicus Newsletter 2021_01

January 2021

REDDCopernicus Newsletter 01.2021 (*.pdf, 594 KB)

January 2020

REDDCopernicus Newsletter 01.2020 (pdf, 653KB)

September 2019

REDDCopernicus Newsletter 09.2019 (pdf, 552KB)

Stakeholder Workshop 2019 - Presentations


by A. Brink EC JRC

Indonesian REDD+ Experiences

A. Basyiruddin Usman MoEF

Ethiopia’s National Forest Monitoring System (NFMS)

B. Alemu Environment, Forest and Climate Change Commission

Earth Observation for European Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) Workshop Presentations 24.09.2020

Understanding Europe’s forest from space

by C. Senf (Ecoystems Dynamics and Forest Management Group)

Large area biomass monitoring from satellites

by S. Quegan ( University of Sheffield & NCEO)

Large scale burnt area mapping

by E. Chuvieco (Grupo de investigación en Teledetección Ambiental - GITA)

Yearly analysis of European harvest levels 2004 2018

by G. Ceccherini, G. Duveiller, G. Grassi, G. Lemoine, V. Avitabile, R. Pilli, A. Cescatti (JRC)