A new special issue in Remote Sensing on National REDD+ Monitoring and Reporting

The Open Access Journal Remote Sensing is collecting contributions for a new special issue on National REDD+ Monitoring and Reporting. The guest editors for this special issue are part of the REDDCopernicus team, including Dr. Frédéric Achard (JRC), Prof. Martin Herold and Dr. Sarah Carter (Wageningen University), and Dr. Christophe Sannier (SIRS).

Message from the Guest Editors

Requirements for REDD+ related forest monitoring are evolving and consolidating in terms of the types of information required, monitoring frequency, accuracy and transparency. While several performance-based REDD+ frameworks are moving forward, different methods, tools and frameworks for monitoring and reporting are maturing for use by national and other REDD+ stakeholders.

This Special Issue will focus on national to local case studies, covering tropical humid and dry forest domains, which focus on different monitoring targets (area change, forest degradation, carbon stocks, burned area, forest types and biodiversity), using novel methods for the analysis of satellite data, and showcasing how they evolve from research to operational use in country contexts. The use of open methods and free data (such as Copernicus data) is preferred and should be explored. In addition, general contributions that discuss reporting requirements and needs related to international, national and local implementation frameworks are welcome.

Deadline for manuscript submissions:

29 May 2020

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