This is a proposed multilateral service to support sustainable pan-tropical forest monitoring based on EO data from the Sentinel satellites that make up the Copernicus Programme. It is developed bottom-up by the Consortium in consultation with REDD+ countries, the European Commission and other stakeholders. 


REDD+ Process

The project seeks to understand what is required for an operational pan-tropical REDD+ service. Participant consultant nations (signatories to the Paris Agreement) provide their expertise and local understanding in conjunction with the European Partners to define the needs of the countries and both their common and individual requirements in relation to monitoring and maintaining their forests.

At the end of the process, a global Core Copernicus REDD+ service component will become available in the near future.


The goal of this policy is to monitor and reduce deforestation and degradation worldwide which in turn will reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.

A future REDDCopernicus service component will be available to REDD+ countries, the EC and other stakeholders.


The application of Earth Observation (EO) for forest monitoring can support decision making in reversing deforestation/degradation.

The European Sentinel data provides an opportunity for the development of a Core pan-tropical EO forest service with related downstream applications. We believe access to this service will be beneficial for global partners.