Workshop Information

Workshop Information - Democratic Republic of Congo & Republic of Congo (French)
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Workshop Information - SADC Region
(pdf, 392KB)
Workshop Information - East Africa
(pdf, 546KB)
Workshop Information - Brazil
(pdf, 409KB)
Workshop Information - Southeast Asia
(pdf, 551KB)
Workshop Information - Central Africa - French
(pdf, 567KB)
Workshop Information - Europe
(pdf, 183KB)
Workshop Information - Central Africa - English
(pdf, 555KB)

Initial Design Document

REDDCopernicus Initial Design
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Information and Promotional Material

REDDCopernicus Brochure
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REDDCopernicus Project Leaflet
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REDDCopernicus Communication Package Donors
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REDDCopernicus Newsletter 09.2019
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REDDCopernicus Newsletter 01.2020
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Stakeholder Workshop 2019

REDDCopernicus Stakeholder Workshop Announcement
(pdf, 316KB)
REDDCopernicus Stakeholder Workshop Presentations

Presentations and Posters

Introduction to the REDDCopernicus Project and Workshop Objectives
T. Haeusler

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2018-2020 Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies – Space, Coordinated Support Action under Grant Agreement No 821880.

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