Task 2:

User Engagement and Awareness Raising

Task 2  showcases the products/services (identified in Task 1) for a Copernicus REDD+ Service Component to specific REDD+ User Groups via Learning Exercises in four regional Workshops (Central Africa, Eastern Africa, Southern Africa, Continental Southeast Asia). Selected tropical countries and two in-country ‘Federation Activities’ in key countries (Brazil and Indonesia) are consulted in order to obtain contributions and feedback on the proposed Copernicus REDD+ Service. Key outcomes of these activities are validation and endorsement of products/services by the Users, as well their recommendations for service evolution and the relevant institutional arrangements for service delivery.

The technical and organisational components of a Copernicus REDD+ Service Component are presented to a variety of international initiatives supporting REDD+ such as the Global Forests Observation Initiative (GFOI) and the United Nations REDD+ Programme (UNREDD) for methodological and implementation related feedback. These activities result in a compilation of recommendations for the potential collaborative framework of international agencies for a Copernicus REDD+ Service Component.

Furthermore, continuous activities to communicate on the Project and disseminate and exploit its results to raise awareness among the relevant users, stakeholders and donors/clients as well as the wider research community. These activities provide the needed visibility to the international community on a potential Copernicus REDD+ Service Component as well as the European EO Forest Monitoring capacities.


The work is organised in three interrelated Work Packages:

  • WP 4 Learning Exercises and Studies with Users

  • WP 5 Coordination and Knowledge Exchange with International Initiatives

  • WP 6 Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2018-2020 Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies – Space, Coordinated Support Action under Grant Agreement No 821880.

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