Task 1:

Stakeholder Requirements and Policy Review

The overall objective of this Task is to examine and consolidate existing capacities in EO Forest Monitoring in Europe. This requires firstly reviewing and identifying the requirements in the International and European policy segments, as well as specific requirements of key stakeholders and Users. An assessment of existing technical capacities in EO Forest Monitoring in Europe was added and consolidated via Consultative Workshops and discussions with the relevant groups. The outcome of these activities are used to design and prepare the main technical and organisational elements of a Copernicus REDD+ Service Component. The initial Design of the REDD+ Service Component includes an identification of operational EO based forest services which can be used to demonstrate methods/processes and resulting products via “Learning Exercises” to different Users in developing countries.

The work is organised in three different Work Packages:

•WP 1 Stakeholder Requirements and Policy Review

•WP 2 Consultation and Review of Existing Capacities in Forest Monitoring

•WP 3 Initial Design of Copernicus REDD+ Service - View Document

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2018-2020 Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies – Space, Coordinated Support Action under Grant Agreement No 821880.

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